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Zita West Affiliated Acupuncturist

Wide-ranging Medical and Complementary Health Experience

Special Discounts on the Zita West Range of Nutritional Products

The network aims to share the unique skills and experience of Zita and her team of doctors, midwives and complementary therapists, with experienced independent acupuncturists across the UK.









All Zita West affiliated acupuncturists receive training and ongoing support in Zita West’s comprehensive, holistic approach to achieving optimum reproductive health.


This covers a wide range of treatments and approaches to help boost fertility, enhance IVF, improve pregnancy, enhance birth outcomes and support post-natal recovery.

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Zita West Network

Built on the innovative work of midwife, author and fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West, the Zita West Clinic is the largest integrated (medical and complementary) practice in the UK specialising in all aspects of male and female reproductive health.



The Zita West Clinic has a network of affiliated acupuncturists throughout the UK and Ireland, whose members have been trained in the ‘Zita West way’ and she has developed her own range of vitamins and minerals for fertility and pregnancy.

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The Benefits of Choosing a Zita West Affiliated Acupuncturist:

By choosing a Zita West affiliated acupuncturist clients not only get the benefit of their practitioner's individual expertise but, through them, the training and support of Zita and her colleagues too. The Zita West Clinic works with thousands of women and men each year, helping them to boost their chances of conceiving successfully (both naturally and through IVF) and helping those who are already pregnant to have the best pregnancy possible. This provides an unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge to be shared with members of the network and their clients.

Choosing a Zita West affiliated practitioner  provides clients with unique access to a range of Zita West clinical services – some of which are available by ‘phone as well as in person – all at special discounted prices.

Clients of member practitioners are entitled to further discounts on Zita’s best-selling range of premium nutritional supplements for fertility, pregnancy and breast-feeding too (20% off RRP ex p&p). Similar discounts are available on her range of books, CDs, cosmetic products and gift-sets as well.

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