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Joshua is the most experienced Alexander Technique Practitioner in Manchester and the North West with over 25 yrs experience helping people improve posture. 

Alexander Technique - Pain Relief

Back Pain? Neck Pain? Bad Posture? Low Confidence? Free yourself from these pains and stresses with Joshua's help!

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Good Posture with Alexander Technique

Back pain is debilitating and can lead to time off work, medications, surgery, limited exercise, lifting objects or carrying children, compromising all movements. Maybe you've tried everything else with no lasting improvements?


The good news is Alexander Technique can help your back pain! Not just short term relief but long term benefit by addressing the root cause... read more

People often use Alexander Technique to help with neck pain.


A common cause of neck pain is muscle strain or tension caused by everyday activities such as bending over a desk for hours, poor posture while watching TV or reading, having your computer monitor positioned too high or too low, or while exercising.  Alexander Technique addresses these postural habits... read more

Pain relief

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Studies show that Alexander Technique has been proven to relieve chronic pain.


Perhaps you've tried chiropractic, drugs, massage or surgery to relieve your chronic pain but you're still looking for long term pain relief.


Alexander Technique will offer you a way to reduce or eliminate your pain...  

Build Confidence and Manage Stress

In stressful situations, Alexander Technique helps to decrease stress and promotes focus with a calming effect.


Alexander Technique lessons will help to build confidence and emotional intelligence and can help with panic attacks and PTSD (post traumatic stress)...


Are you unhappy with your posture? Maybe don't like the way your shoulders are hunched or rounded. Maybe you hate the way you stoop.


Do you try to stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, straighten up, but this feels like so much hard work and you wonder if there's something wrong with you?


Alexander Technique lessons can help you change your posture in a manageable, sustainable way...

Alexander Technique has been shown to help with back pain, posture problems and neck pain.


Joshua is a highly skilled Alexander Technique teacher and has been helping people with back pain, neck pain, confidence, anxiety and posture related issues for over 25 years and he can help you too!


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